Besides my passion for LEGO bricks I’ve always been involved in vintage car and motorcycle issues and I have always been fascinated by “garage life”. So after having built the last few years almost exclusively 1/13 scale trucks I devoted myself to a new project: a workshop for vintage VW Transporter (especially T1 and T2).

The idea comes out from LEGO set #10220 which I bought in 2011 and has remained MISB (Mint In Sealed Box) until a few months ago. Then I built it transformig it in a canvas pickup. In order to build the internal of the workshop I watched my real garage where I used to spend a lot of time restoring and repairing old motorcycles and bicycles.

There are many tools and details in the workshop. Let’s take a look. A workbench, with wrenches and vise, is positioned at the center of the workshop. There are also a mobile roller cabinet with four drawers and the air compressor. Beside the workbench is positioned a column drill press (is one of the pieces that I prefer in this doc). Close to the right door there is the oxy-acetylene welder. There is also the folding engine crane. There are others little details in this garage which I like very much.

Below a selection of press features about the VW workshop (take a look also at the “press” page)