After my previous VW T1 Road Service I decided to design and create the model that replaced it, the iconic VW T2, introduced in late 1967 and built in Germany until 1979. The T2 is also called Bay or Bay Window.
I personally prefer the T2 than the T1, in my opinion the front is more appealing. My T2 is a classic “2 seat” pick-up in blue. The pick-up configuration was very widespread in the seventies, both in Europe and in the USA.

The T2 has surely been the most loved van/pick-up by the surfers of all the world. So I placed two surfboards on the load compartment and I put close to it a classic LEGO palm tree from pirates series. My T2 has two side doors below the load compartment, that is made of wood.
Two S.E.V. MARCHAL supplemental lights are fitted on the front bumper. These were very common in the seventies. The rear hood can be opened and you can see the classic air-cooled boxer engine.

In a little toy store I bought for a few Euros a tin model of VW T2 (I love old toys and tin cars/trucks) and I took pictures of the two pick-up side by side.

Below a short video about the T2 Surfer pick-up.