The LEGO set #5541, also known as “Blue Fury”, turns twenty this year.
I pay tribute to the blue Hot Rod with my updated version of the iconic set. In the pictures you can see my T-bucket close to the “Fury”.

Set #5541 was part of Model Team series, the large scale vehicle line that LEGO produced from 1986 until 1999, with a total of 15 sets, plus a re-release of the 5541 Hot Rod in 2004 as part of the Legends series. Model Team vehicles were characterized by realism, although whilst there is no doubt they were detailed and charming models the techniques used are fairly basic by today’s standards. Theme focused on visual realism of models. The last Model Team was released in 1999.

I’m a big fan of Model Theme series and you can read my
“Model Team” review on ItLUG (Italian LEGO Users Group).