This Space Tank is a “small class” unit inspired by WWI English tank Mark I. Colors and style are clearly based on LEGO Classic Space series.
Named “Blue Bull” due to the stocky shape, it’s equipped with a huge long-range gun and with a little gun machine right below the rotating turret. I particularly like the loader’s hatch and the details featured both on the turret and the side.
The crew is composed by 3 crewmen: the commander, the driver and the gunner. Below the Tank is at the maintenance hangar where the staff is taking care of it after a moon mission.

Even if Classic Space is not my comfort zone of building, and some friends of mine were surprised seeing this new build, I like this theme since I was a little boy. Moreover having in stock a lot of CS pieces pushed me to build the tank and the space hangar.
It has been really funny building this MOC and for sure won’t be alone for a long time.