Put a tiger in your tank!*

This VW Type 2 T1 “canvas” pick-up is the LEGO replica of a real T1 registered in 1956 in The Netherlands.
It was used by the M.v. Noord, a little company based in Amstelveen (close to Amsterdam) that sold and delivered petroleum for domestic heating.
Pieter Grabijn, grandchild of the first owner, found it in a barn few years ago. It was totally rusty. Peter restored the red pick up entirely and now the machine looks really appealing. This LEGO T1 is based on my previous Road Service T1 but with a different livery.
Canvas stitching technique is the same I’ve used before but this T1 has both the right side and the back side of the canvas rolled up.
The tarpaulin is also a little bit lower. Ready to be delivered petroleum jerry cans are located on the load compartment. The license plate is an old Dutch one: PV 88 17.
The writing on the load compartment sides means “Esso petroleum for your domestic heating” (It’s written in Dutch).

*If you were born in the seventies, then you remember the famous slogan of the Tiger