Put a tiger in your tank!

If you think about retro gas station you probably think about something really cool and stylish: modernist architecture, art deco gas pumps and other outstanding car stuff displayed outside the station.
You can find all this in the elegant gas station designed in 1953 by the Dutch architect Willem Marinus Dudok. Here made of LEGO bricks.
The design of Dudok was simple and brilliant simultaneously. According to the mission he received from ESSO Netherlands, the station had to be functional and inexpensive to produce. It was just after World War II and raw materials were scarce. At the same time the road network grew and pumping stations had to be placed anywhere.
112 Dudok Esso stations were placed along the Dutch highways.

My LEGO Dudok Esso gas station has the same features of the real one: an elegant design, a v-shaped roof on both sides, two gas pumps on a dark grey platform, different advertising signs and other stuff.
The shop is on the front of the station; a detailed service garage is located at the back (you probably find out something familiar with my previous garage and workshop). There are a lot of details both outside and inside the building, let’s take a look.
In the shop you can find a big desk with a vintage phone, a cash register and a architect lamp. A big clock is positioned on the wall close to the shelves where you can see the oil cans and an old radio. Two neon lights and a fan are hung on the ceiling support.
The garage at the back features a lot of utensils, advertising signs and other stuff. Take a look at the Michelin Man (Bibendum).

My VW Type 2 T1 decked up in Esso livery fits perfectly in this scene.
You can see the real Esso station looking at pictures below, photographed at the National Automobile Museum Collection Louwman (The Netherlands) where was placed in 2004.