It’s time to look back and to sum up what I built during the 2016. Overall I’m very satisfied with my 2016 MOCs: I had a lot of fun! In the early months of the year two new Show-Rods joined my garage: the yellow Beer Wagon and the red Fire Truck . I also built a Steampunk T-Bucket .
In June the classic ESSO Gas Station was released together with the VW T1 decked out in ESSO livery. Many blogs and magazines featured this build. This has been probably my favorite MOC this year.
After many years I come back to build in Minifig scale and I’m talking about my space tanks (the Blue Bull and the White Tiger) and my dioramas (the maintenance bay for the tanks, the Scooter Shop and the Warehouse).
My last build of the year was the Route 66 diorama with the little Ford T Roadster pick-up. And few day ago I shot new photos of old MOCs to celebarte Christmas.
Many blogs and magazines featured my models (thanks!) and that’s always an enormous satisfaction.
I met new friends and AFOLs during the ITLug LEGO shows where I showcased new and old MOCs.
Currently I’m working on new projects for the 2017.