Back in the sixties AGIP was the most important Italian gas company. Its logo was the well known six-legged dog still used today by the company and the petrol was called Supercortemaggiore. Most of you probably remember the odd dog as Ferrari F1 sponsor back in the seventies and eighties.I remember as a child the delicious Agip station marked by modernist design and with that bizarre dog positioned everywhere. My build is a little AGIP gas station you could easily find along the state highway of my country back then. The building is marked out by rounded corner and glass walls. A sloped roof completes the period design.
On the left you can see a classic Italian light truck from the sixties, the OM Leoncino decked out in AGIP-Supercortemaggiore livery. A just fueled up Vespa completes this classic Italian scene. Don’t forget to take a look at the back side where old signs and used parts are lying all around.