At times dreams come true: from September 27th (2018) some of my creations are displayed at the LEGO HOUSE MASTERPIECE GALLERY.
I’m so happy and honored for this incredible goal, never in my life I would have thought to end up here. September 26th set-up was held, every one was just so special. I had the oppurtunity to meet a lot of cool builders from all over the world. Thanks everyone involved, first of all my family.
A special thanks to LEGO House staff, they’re so kind.

Below a selection of pictures of my LEGO House experience where I met a lot of funy people and I spent really funny times. During those days I was lucky enough not only to meet in person Mr. Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen (aka KKK) but also talk with him about classic cars and old LEGO themes.

The weekend after the LEGO House experience I attended the well known Skaerbaek LEGO Fan Weekend. During the weekend I had the pleasure of meeting the guys of Zusammengebaut and the honor of being interviewed by Andres Lehmann, the tallest AFOL I ever met and a very nice guy! I had the chance to present the Esso Gas Station and the Route 66, two MOCs I displayed at Skaerbaek. Thanks Andres for this funny experience and for the cool Minifig. Below the interview.

Below another short interview during the Skaerbaek LEGO Fan Weekend by KockaFeszt.