LEGO House one year later (proudly with my brick trophy🏆)

My time at the LEGO House has expired. It’s time to bring my MOCs back home. It was great to be part of the LEGO House project and I’m happy to see new talented builders taking my place at the Masterpiece Gallery. Thanks everyone involved, first of all my family. A special thanks to LEGO House staff, they were so kind.

Tap here and discover my LEGO House experience.

The 26th of September we all celebrated the II° anniversary of the LEGO House during the AFOL Day. It was great to meet so many AFOLS from all over the world!

Last but not least I visited the coolest shop in Billund, Loplet shop, where you can find every LEGO-themed stuff from the past.

The weekend after the party for the II° anniversary of The LEGO House me and my buddies moved to Skaerbaek to partecipate at the well known LEGO Fan Weekend. During the weekend I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of AFOLs, builders, LEGO designer and friends.
I displayed my MOCs that were showcased at The LEGO House: the Art DĂ©co Gas Station, the Scooter Garage, the Fire Truck and the Ford “T” Roadster. It was funny as usual. I hope to join the SFW even the next year.

As it happened in 2018 even at the ’19 Skaebaek Fan Weekend I had the pleasure of meeting the guys of Zusammengebaut and the honor of being interviewed by Andres Lehmann, the tallest AFOL I ever met and a very nice guy! I had the chance to present the Scooter Garage and the Shell Gas Station, two MOCs I displayed at the LEGO House Masterpiece Gallery.
Thanks Andres for this funny experience I’m always very pleased to show my creations and I’m a big fan of Zusammengebaut.
Below the interview.