The “Paddy Wagon” is a Show Rod designed in 1968 by Tom Daniel, probably the most talented and popular fantasy-car designer of all time. Tom worked many years for GM and in his spare time he created new “Off the Sketchpad” articles for Rod & Custom magazine. This caught the attention of Monogram’s model shop supervisor, Roger Harney, who got approval to have Daniel create new model designs.
Then, from 1967 through 1975, Tom designed over 75 plastic model kit designs that Monogram manufactured, many of which enjoyed multi-million unit sales.
Among these the “Paddy Wagon” that I recreated via LEGO bricks. Old-time police wagons were called “Paddy Wagons”, probably because most cops in those days were Irish. “Paddy” is slang for “Irish”.

Main “Paddy Wagon” features:

  • “muscular” chromed blown small-block V-8;
  • a “C” cab;
  • double windshield (glass for Window 1x6x5);
  • chrome gold side horns;
  • Good Year drag slicks;
  • custom silver stickers;
  • older-style drum headlights;
  • oval side windows barred;
  • a Motometer radiator cap.

This is my third Show Rod, the first I built was the Beer Wagon (from the same designer) and then the Fire Truck (by Chuck Miller).