No words can express my joy when few hours ago I’ve been named LEGO Builder of the Year 2019 by The Brothers Brick, the world’s no.1 source for LEGO news, reviews, and fan creations.
It’s an incredible goal to me. Thanks a bunch to The Brothers Brick Team for this special award and thanks to Rod Gillies (Senior Contributor) for the wonderful article and for the description of my MOCs.
There was no better way to end the year.

You can shortcut straight to the full article using this handy link or click the image below.

“Andrea has produced a fantastic array of LEGO models this year, showcasing his creativity and technique across a variety of styles. Already famous as a “car guy,” we enjoyed seeing Andrea’s repertoire expand over the year. That’s why Andrea Lattanzio is The Brothers Brick LEGO Builder of the Year 2019.”

(“The Brothers Brick LEGO Builder of the Year 2019” The Brothers Brick – December 31, 2019)