I’m happy to announce the Coffee Stand (48x48studs) and Truck instructions are now available on Brick Vault website!

You can buy the instructions right now using this handy link.

Main features:
✅ Step by step Hi-Quality instructions made by Simone Bissi, one of the most capable instructions maker all around;
✅ Instructions for Coffee Stand and Pick-up truck;
✅ Part count (48x48studs): 1482 pieces; 
✅ Part count (32×32 studs): 988 pieces; 
✅ A modular version of the stand that fits in a 32×32 baseplate is also included;
✅ PDF for sticker printing included.

The Coffee Stand is the second classic food stand designed by Norton74 and it follows the well known Hot Dog Stand (February 2018) and precedes the Hamburger Stand built few months after in June 2019.

Below some pages extracted from the instructions as an example.

If you are wondering if the Coffee Stand fits between your Modular Buildings, the answer is YES it fits! Look at the photo below to realize it.

So if you like coffee don’t miss the chance to build the iconic mid-20th century Americana culture Coffee Stand designed by Norton74. You won’t be disappointed!

This is the video presentation by the guys from Brick Vault…so cool!