Super article about Norton74’s famous FOOD STANDS on April issue of Brick Journal. If you like my street restaurants you can’t miss issue No. 61. 9 pages of hi-quality pictures and the complete story about my street food-themed builds: from the first Hot Dog Stand to the Coffee Stand and the last Hamburger Stand. In the middle also the Agip Gas Station. The article focuses the attention to the possibility to build different scenes using the same base, and that’s what I did in the past two years.
It’s not the first time Brick Journal features my works: back in 2015 the first 8 pages piece about the well known Scooter Shop and then in 2016 with an article focusing on my Hot Rods and vehicles in general.
Brick Journal is one of the most popular LEGO-themed magazine throughout the AFOL community. Run by Mr. Joe Meno is available here. Don’t miss it!

The builds featured on the magazine:
Hot Dog Stand (February 2018)
AGIP Gas Station (June 2018)
Andy’s Coffee Stand (February 2019)
Andy’s Hamburger Stand (June 2019)

Brick Journal previous Norton74’s features:
Scooter Shop (BJ US #35 July 2015)
Scooter Shop (BJ ITA #2 November 2015)
Hot Rods (BJ US #38 February 2016)
Hot Rods (BJ ITA #6 October 2016)

Thanks again Joe Meno for this great chance, always an honour being featured in BrickJournal.