This Moc was on my wishlist since a long time. My goal was to recreate a welcoming room full of plants and flowers while using many pieces from the Scala, Fabuland and Belville series.
I have been collecting these kind of pieces in the past few months, and have finally placed them in my Winter Garden.
If you look carefully you’ll notice many Scala pieces like the award ribbon, the watering cans, the cloth rug, the chairs, the wicker baskets and the suitcase. The coffee-table legs are linked via the Scala towel bar, a piece I had never heard of, but very interesting. I also added a couple of Fabuland utensils: the camera and the jerry can on the cabinet.
There are many plants and flowers and I used different kind of utensils to create the plants supports (hockey sticks for the cactus, brooms for the ficus).
It was very funny building it and it’s something different from my usual “comfort zone”. Hope you like it!