The A-Frame Cabin has been chosen by The Brothers Brick as the November photo cover for all Brothers Brick social media. A huge pleasure and honor for me, thanks once again TBB team!
The same happens 5 years ago when my Scooter Garage was chosen as the TBB cover photo for August 2015 and few months ago when the yellow General Store was the Cover Photo for June 2020. Two times in the same year, unbelievable but mind blowing!

“One of my favorite annual activities is heading to the mountain where my fam stays at an A-Frame in the snow, so this A-Frame build from, Norton74, immediately brings thoughts of winter and fun. Where it gets good, and one of my favorite things about Norton74’s builds, is looking at all the details scattered throughout. These details tell the story of this cabin and really bring the build to life, further reminding me of our A-Frame vacay. Take a look at that log pile and saw, cookie rounds for log ends is a smooth move. Seriously, look at those logs. Other notable features that bring me to the mountain include the jagged roof, the abundance of wildlife, and the little doodads scattered here and there. 
Now I need to see the inside of this cabin….is it February yet?

(TBB Cover Photo for November 2020: A Cozy Cabin Awaits  The Brothers Brick – November 7, 2020)