Let’s take a deep look at the building process of the bizarre Stilt Houses. Don’t miss the tons of NPUs (New Part Usage) and techniques I used, especially check out the weird pieces you can spot here and there. Have fun!
In order:
1) Building the first and tallest framework;
2) Preparing the 1st platform;
3) Adding the tan walls;
4) Completing the tiny house with the roof;
5) Assembling the framework with the 1st platform;
6) The 2nd framework is ready;
7) Platform No.2 ready;
8) Framework No.2 coupled with its platform;
9) The two structures are linked by a crumbling bridge;
10) A bunch of details to complete the diorama;
11) The brand new diorama is complete and ready for the photo shoot;
12) Click! Stilt Houses photo shoot!