Let’s take a look at some unreleased work in progress snapshots of my latest creation straight from the woods: the very popular Blue Cottage.
Follow The Blue Cottage “step by step” building stages, scroll through the images and find out the secrets of one of my beloved creations.

Also take a look at the nice article published on BrickNerd in which I tell the whole story behind the Blue Cottage. Click the link and enjoy!

Below the caption of every single photo:

  1. As sketch as starting point, as usual!
  2. Preparing the base made with many dark tan plates and plate wedges;
  3. The dry stone wall made with hammers is ready to be placed in its place;
  4. The base of the house made with many light bluish gray tiles;
  5. Coupling the base and the terrace;
  6. An overview of the work station;
  7. The facade is ready;
  8. The facade is positioned in its place above the base;
  9. The two-piece roof is made with black plates and tiles;
  10. The diorama is almost complete;
  11. Final details to complete the MOC;
  12. The diorama is ready for the photo shoot;
  13. Click! Let’s go with the photos!
  14. Beautiful drawing of the Blue Cottage from my daughter Claudia!