The past weekend I’ve worked hard to complete the A-Frame interiors and now they are ready!
The A-Frame/C features a complete interiors with two floors: the upper one with the bedroom; and the ground floor with the living room and kitchen.
The whole interior is chock full of details that make the set very playable. You can easily open the two roofs to access inside and play with the utensils and surprising accessorie including table and chairs, a wood stove and many more. And it’s so enjoyable!
Thanks to the wooden furniture you can breathe a warm and welcoming atmosphere, typical of mountain cottages: nice coziness inside while it’s cold outside.
To build the interiors, and the cabin as well, I took inspiration from a couple of books about weird cabins and cottages, you can take a look at the photo in the gallery.
Do you like the A-FrAme Cabin? With your support, hopefully we can turn it into an actual LEGO Ideas set, please support clicking the link below: