Every time I visit a garden shop I am fascinated by the mixture of colors and shapes of the plants that you can find there. I really like that atmosphere especially in the ancient shacks.

I tried to recreate that kind of location by building a barn-shaped shed surrounded by flowers and plants. The inspiration came from a drawing by a Japanese dioramist that I really appreciate.
The large tree that sprout up from the roof catches the eye and it’s the leading element of the entire scene.
The garden shed is the kingdom of Mrs. Magda (can you spot her?), a friendly Spanish lady who has retired to countryside with her plants and flowers.

The diorama is full of details and strange pieces, have fun finding them. In the next few days I’ll share more “behind the scenes” pictures, so if you want to know more, stay tuned!

“When driving through the countryside, it’s a common sight to see a dilapidated barn in the distance, where nature has taken over. But it is much less common to see nature intruding on a well cared for building. Take this lovely shed by Andrea Lattanzio, for example. While it is clear that the roof has seen better days, the landscape and the exterior of this garden shed clearly receive a lot of love and attention from Magda, the owner. Almost every landscape detail is noteworthy, but my favorite unique part is the Minifig base for Sandman from the Marvel Spider-man franchise, used as a base for the pot to the left of the shed doors.“

(Say Magda, there’s a tree in your shed  The Brothers Brick – July 1, 2021)