Even for my latest creations, the Sweet Tooth cabin from Netflix TV series, I took the work in progress photos, or rather the steps to assemble the parts of which the diorama is made up of.

While you can take a look at the photos below to check out the assembly steps, clicking here you can read the full and detailed article about the Gus’ shelter. Have fun!

1) the base of the entire MOC made of many dark tan wedge plates;
2) the two shacks ready to be placed on the left side of the diorama;
3) first coupling done;
4) with these 3 cabins the house is going to be complete;
5) the Gus shelter is complete and you can recognize the setting of the Netflix series;
6) Pubba, Gus and his alleged mother;
7) adding the last details;
8) with the trees the MOC is ready for the photo shoot;
9) click! Photos are ready to be published on my social media page.