Let’s take a look at some unreleased WIP snapshots of my latest creation straight from the sea.
Follow Theo’s Trabuchet “step by step” building stages, scroll through the images and find out the secrets of my fishing diorama.
Below the captions of the photos.

Step 1: the tan platform is ready. Are you wondering if it is fragile? Not as much as it seems, in fact if you touch it it sways but does not break. Playability is guaranteed!
Step 2: first time the medium azure is the main color of one of my MOCs and the outcome rocks!
The two Minifigs are adorable and they come from Hidden Side set No. 70419 / Wrecked Shrimp Boat.
Step 3: Coupling done!
Step 4: the crumbling bridge building technique comes from my early 2021 MOC.
I like the feeling of precariousness of the entire structure.
Step 5: this is Pablo, Theo’s friend. Lovely torso and headgear both from H/S ’20 set.
The lanternon the pole is a quite new element, I recently bought a couple of it, and I like them very much, you’ll see again for sure…
Step 6: everything is ready for the photo shoot, at times the hardest part of the entire work.
Step 7: Click📸!
The white background makes everything easier: you don’t see the paper sores, they are so difficult to fix via Photoshop.
Step 8: Theo’s Trebuchet and me right after the photo shoot for the classic photo in my studio. The main photo is ready to be published on my social pages. It’s thrilling thinking it will be seen thousands of times around the world…
Can you spot the set on the shelf?