As usual it’s time to look back and take stock of what I’ve done in the past twelve months.

Alongside the traditional buildings of MOCs (scroll the images for a deeper look) this year I submitted two builds on the LEGO IDEAS: the A-Frame Cabin in spring, that reached 10,000 votes in 42 days (!), and a few weeks ago the Santa’s Cottage which is currently gathering supports (if you haven’t yet please support it).
Joining the LEGO IDEAS program was, and is, a very fun experience and now I’m waiting for the review result for my A-Frame Cabin. Fingers crossed…

I wanted to build more this year but unfortunately I had to face many personal issues that limited my free time.

Thanks to all of you who follow me and support my work, it means a lot to me! Thanks to all the great builders out there who are a big source of inspiration. Also a big thank you to all the blogs and magazines that featured my works in 2021. Let’s take a look at 2021 builds here below.

All the best, happy building and I wish you a happy new year!