I’m completely speechless and still can’t believe it…but it’s all true!
The A-Frame Cabin has been selected to be one of the next LEGO Ideas sets! I’m so happy and honored for this incredible goal, never in my life I would have thought to end up here.
Huge thanks to everyone who supported this project and helped me make my dream come true.
Special thanks to LEGO IDEAS Team, they are awesome.
Now we just have to wait until the day the A-FrAme Cabin will hit the Lego shelves!
I ❤ you all, thank you!

Below are some photos of the A-Frame Cabin that I built in the fall of 2020 and then submitted on the LEGO IDEAS platform in March 2021. On May 9, 2021, it reached 10,000 votes in just 42 days!