Let’s take an in-depth look at the “behind the scenes” of my latest work, the tribute to master Miyazaki straight from Tokyo.
As usual, we start from a simple drawing to get to the photo-shoot, and in between the different building stages. Scroll through the images and find out the secrets of my very gray diorama. Have fun!

  • As usual we start with a drawing, and yes, it will be a very gray MOC…
  • The simple but effective facade is ready. I used dozens of dark bluish grey 2X1 tiles to get the same texture as the real building. The whole structure is quite strong.
  • Let’s add the reddish brown porch and the large canopy in the same color as the building. The base of the porch is done with Brick, Modified 1 x 2 with Masonry Profile, but inverted.
  • It’s time to add the black roof, quite similar to my Blue Cottage, and a handful of details.
  • Tall trees and plants with autumn colors frame Nibariki, only the main characters of the diorama are missing now…
  • Here they are… Mr. Miyazaki and his beloved Citroen 2CV called Nibariki in Japanese. The diorama is ready for the photo shoot!
  • Click! The gray background makes everything more difficult, sometimes ugly creases appear and we have to fix with photoshop.
  • The diorama is complete! Miyazaki Minifig is composed by different official LEGO pieces, the head comes from Ernie Prang of HP The Knight Bus set, and it looks perfect!