The Crazy Bus is the funniest, weirdest, and strangest bus out there.
I built the Bus these days when I was forced to stay at home alone (!) and the thermometer touched 40 degrees, I felt like I was in hell!
I was probably a little “dazed and confused” when I thought about it, however here it is.
It is a sort of post apocalyptic refuge where two survivors, after yet another environmental disaster caused by human beings, find shelter to spend their days waiting for a new era.

In some ways it can be considered as a continuation of my previous Floating Dystopia, they have many things in common (and also some parts of the MOC itself).

The front and the back of the bus can be connected with two simple technic pins thus forming a mini bus. This way it’s even more bizarre! In the next few days I will show you the Mini Crazy Bus with some new brand photos, stay tuned!

There are a lot of tools, objects and weird parts, check them out and have fun spotting them all. Enjoy!