While I’m looking forward to the release of my A-Frame Cabin, chosen as one of the next LEGO IDEAS sets, I built a spooky variation of the rustic house based on the 2012 LEGO Monster Fighters series.
It is a kind of tribute to the MF Haunted House released in 2012 by TLG.
Size and shape are basically the same as the A-Frame Cabin, colors, details, setting and Minifigures are completely different.

If you take a deeper look, you can spot many references and Easter eggs directly related to the LEGO horror theme.
The gramophone, the trunk with the top hat, the glass dome with a bone inside are all objects from the MF set. The gate is also a clear tribute to the Haunted House.
And take a look at the zombie heads above the gate columns, do you remember where they were in the MF set?
Last but not least don’t miss the magic Bat Moonstone of Lord Vampyre, the villain of the series.

Enjoy and happy HallūüéÉween!