While I was rummaging through old pieces, a hull from the Fabuland series caught my eye.
It seemed perfect to build a small fishingboat. By the way, a boat had been on my wish list for many years.
Here is the Fab-Boat, a small fishing vessel equipped with everything you need for fishing at sea.
The boat has a small hold and the engine compartment which you can see by lifting up the captain’s cabin and the front cover.
The captain has already been seen in my recent version of the Stilt House. While the character on the dock appeared in my Theo’s Trabuchet fishing hut back in November 2021.
I had a lot of fun building the Fab Boat, fitting the details into such a small space was very challenging.
And now let’s weigh anchor!

Building the gentle curve of a boat hull in LEGO bricks can be a challenge. That is, unless you find an old Fabuland boat part in your collection like Norton74. He promptly put it to good use as the start of a fishing boat full of the kind of details we have come to expect from Andrea. The simple dock gives a good setting without taking attention away from the vessel. It includes a small cargo hold and a rig for hauling in the day’s catch. Round, white studs give the boat a proper wake in a bed of transparent blue as it approaches the dock at the end of a long day.

(This small LEGO fishing boat is simply Fabu-lous!”  The Brothers Brick – January 14, 2024)