As usual it’s time to look back and take stock of what I’ve done in the past twelve months.
2023 is undoubtedly the year of the A-Frame Cabin, many months have passed since the release of the set and it still doesn’t seem real to me. Having my own set in the LEGO IDEAS line-up is definitely the most important goal I’ve ever achieved. It’s simply insane!
The set has been featured many times this year on blogs, magazines, social media and YT channels.
I am particularly proud that the set was reviewed by 4 magazines dedicated to LEGO bricks, the only existing paper magazines today: Blocks (UK), (Italy), Briques Magazine (France) and Brick Journal (USA).

Despite the various commitments related to the release of the set I have built some new MOCs, scroll the images for a deeper look. I am particularly proud of the Stilt House which is currently under review by the LEGO IDEAS team.

I just finished a new creation that I will present in mid-January, stay tuned, I will need your support. Massive thanks to all for your continued support, it’s always much appreciated & never taken for granted. We’ll talk soon, stay tuned and keep up the good work!