Exactly 10 years ago(!) these days I built and showed one of my most iconic creations ever: the VW garage, aka ‘Garage Life’.
It was the model that made me known worldwide in the LEGO community and boosted my reputation as a builder. Also my first creation to be blogged by the legendary The Brothers Brick.
I’m a bit nostalgic looking at it now, especially thinking back to the path taken in the last 10 years, so rich and full of satisfaction.
Back then the diorama also earned 4 pages in the beautiful coffe-table book ‘The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling’ (No Starch Press) and also an extensive article in Ruoteclassiche, the most important Italian vintage car magazine.
Even Blocks magazine dedicated an in-depth article to the diorama (thanks to Richard Hayes).

Ok, time has passed, many good things have happened, let’s dry our tears and look at the next ten years to come🚀
Stay boosted, motivated and never give up my friends, good things will come!