Fishing Boat is on BRICKLINK DESIGNER PROGRAM and could become an official set!

It now needs your support, if you like it you can support it!

This little fishing boat is about to set sail!
This cute boat is the fishing vessel of Pablo, an old bearded fisherman who loves spending his days fishing and sailing in the open sea. The boat is equipped with everything you need for deep-sea fishing. Theo, Pablo’s best friend, is waiting for him on the pier with his kitten to find out what fish he has caught.

About the set
This brick-built vessel amazes for the extreme similarity to the real ones and for the attention to detail.
The set is composed by the hull, the cabin and a front compartment to store the caught fish.
Two minifigures are included in the diorama, Pablo and Theo. A small pier completes the set which looks like a nice postcard. The boat is built with many special and fun techniques, for sure you will love to build it! The cabin of the boat can be lifted up to reveal the engine compartment beneath it. The front compartment can also be lifted and there is a small storage area underneath.

With your support, hopefully we can turn the Fishing Boat into an actual LEGO BDP set.
Thank you all for your support, comments and shares!