Paddy Wagon

Paddy Wagon

The “Paddy Wagon” is a Show Rod designed in 1968 by Tom Daniel, probably the most talented and popular fantasy-car designer of all time. Tom worked many years for GM and in his spare time he created new “Off the Sketchpad” articles for Rod & Custom magazine. This caught the attention of Monogram’s model shop supervisor, Roger Harney, who got approval to have Daniel create new model designs.
Then, from 1967 through 1975, Tom designed over 75 plastic model kit designs that Monogram manufactured, many of which enjoyed multi-million unit sales.
Among these the “Paddy Wagon” that I recreated via LEGO bricks. Old-time police wagons were called “Paddy Wagons”, probably because most cops in those days were Irish. “Paddy” is slang for “Irish”.

Main “Paddy Wagon” features:

  • “muscular” chromed blown small-block V-8;
  • a “C” cab;
  • double windshield (glass for Window 1x6x5);
  • chrome gold side horns;
  • Good Year drag slicks;
  • custom silver stickers;
  • older-style drum headlights;
  • oval side windows barred;
  • a Motometer radiator cap.

This is my third Show Rod, the first I built was the Beer Wagon (from the same designer) and then the Fire Truck (by Chuck Miller).

“Beer Wagon” designer Tom Daniel talks about his creations and his career [Special interview for Norton74]  

“Beer Wagon” designer Tom Daniel talks about his creations and his career [Special interview for Norton74]  

Few years ago I built the Lego replica of the “Beer Wagon”, a radical Show Rod built by the legendary car designer Tom Daniel in 1967. Then I built another Tom Daniel’s vehicle, the “Paddy Wagon”.  

Those vehicles, known as Show Rods, and many others, were built from the ground up, were distinguished by an unconventional design, brilliant colours and amazing craftsmanship. Their engines were extremely powerful, yet they rarely touched the road. In other words, these cars were meant to be looked at, not driven. Yes, Show Rods were paradoxical. 

The Show Rods phenomenon peaked between the 1960s and 1970s in the United States and Tom Daniel was one of the most representative designer of that crazy era. Between 1967-1975, Tom designed 75 cars for Monogram Models. These were iconic models that are still top sellers today like the Beer Wagon indeed and the Red Baron. His designs were so influential that custom car builders sometimes crafted full-size versions of his kit designs, often commissioned by show promoters. 

But his work wasn’t limited to just model car kits. George Barris called him on a Friday night wanting a design for a TV show involving a family of monsters. Overnight Daniel dreamed up the Munster Koach for Barris, although the credit for the design by Daniel often gets mis-stated. He also designed the Bat Cycle for the 1960s Batman television series. It consisted of a Yamaha 250 and was linked to Robin’s sidecar, which was a detachable go-cart (source: Fuel Curve). 

After building the Paddy Wagon I got in touch with Tom Daniel asking to chat with him about his career and his famous vehicles. If you’d like to know more about Tom’s creations and Show Rods phenomenon this interview is a great resource.
Fasten your seat belts, wear your helmet, let’s go! 

Hi Mr. Tom Daniel, thanks for accepting to have a chat with me. Just few questions about you and your creations. 

N74: When your interest in cars and Show Rods started and why? 

TD: Soon after WWII was over – in the late 1940s – returning GI’s began building hot rods and customs (“Show Rods” as such were still in the future), and I was just in High school – and starting to draw custom cars. 

N74: Can you tell me a little bit about your background? I mean, are you a self-made car designer or did you study design or something like that? 

TD: During late high school years, I discovered the Art Center School during a field trip to the original campus on 3rd Street in west Los Angeles. After graduating high school in 1955, ACS accepted my portfolio (which I created during my senior year in high school); then began a tough 4-year grind learning to be an industrial designer – (Transportation Major; Product design minor). 

N74: In a few words, if possible, tell me which are your career milestones. 

TD: Graduating high school; then ACS with a BPA Degree; then being hired by GM to join their Styling Staff at the GM Tech Center north of Detroit, Michigan; Flying with the U.S. Navy during the Cuban Missile Crisis; Working as a design-engineer on the APOLLO MOON Project (with) North American Aviation at the Space and Information Systems in Downey, California. 

N74: Why and when did your cooperation with Monogram start? And what it represented for you. 

TD: This came about as a result of my long time “Off the Sketchpad” articles and drawings for Rod&Custom Magazine (as well as other “car” magazines.) The Monogram people liked what I was designing and drawing.  The BEER WAGON was my 1st model kit design for Monogram – and it was a hit right away… then came my Red Baron – and LIFTOFF! 

N74: As you know I built the replica of your Beer Wagon and Paddy Wagon; can you tell me where the inspiration to build them come from and when? 

TD: Childhood remembrances. 

N74: Any curiosities about the Beer Wagon and Paddy Wagon? 

TD: Monogram said they wanted a design of a hot rodded Beer Wagon in 1:24 scale.  When I started the designs, It was HUGE, and I had to shrink the entire design down to about ¾ size. 

N74: Which are your favourite creations? 

TD: WAY too many to delineate here.  LOL! 

N74: Have you been influenced by other car designer? If yes, which ones? 

TD: I have admired many of the Italian and German car designers (of the 1950s era) – as well as some Americans, but my designs are my designs…. Done strictly for my pleasure. Just so happens, LOTS of people also like them to this day – some 50 + years later. 

N74: Are you working on something new or are you just enjoying your time? 

TD: I am working with ATLANTIS Toy & Hobby in New York – who now have a good selection of the (former) Monogram Models/’TD’ tooling.   

N74: Recently I built also the “Fire Truck” designed by Chuck Miller. The Fire Truck and the Paddy Wagon look having the same source of inspiration. Is this correct? Have you ever known Chuck Miller? 

TD: The only thing those two designs have in common is the ubiquitous “C” Cab designs used in the late 18th century.  Under contract, he built the 1st 1:1 version of my RED BARON model kit design Monogram Models manufactured in 1968. He did a pretty nice job – but NOT accurate to my original design in many detail aspects. 

Many thanks for your time Mr Tom Daniel, it has been an honour chatting with you and I’m sure LEGO fans, and petrolheads in general, will appreciate the interview. Keep it up! 

More info about Tom Daniel works:

“FIRE TRUCK” designer Chuck Miller talks about his works and his career [Special interview for Norton74]

“FIRE TRUCK” designer Chuck Miller talks about his works and his career [Special interview for Norton74]

From the beginning I set myself the goal of bringing original and interesting content, high-level MOCs and top notch photos to my fans. Everything written, built and photographed by myself.
That’s why today I submit you an exclusive interview with an american car designer father of the Fire Truck, the radical Show Rod I built few years ago via LEGO bricks.
His name is Chuck Miller and his nephew, Eric Miller, is a LEGO fan and he follows my FB page. When Eric spotted the brick-built Fire Truck he got in touch with me and he showed the model to his uncle who was really impressed. I was honoured for that and I had the chance to make few questions to Mr. Miller about his career and his famous vehicles.
Miller founded Styline Customs in Detroit in the late 1960s, specialized in building custom and concept cars designed to attract attention and win awards. One of his major successes came at the 1968 Detroit Autorama, where he won the prestigious Ridler Award with the “Fire Truck”. 

You can read the full interview below: ladies and gentlemen starts your engine!

Hi Mr. Chuck Miller and thanks for accepting to have a chat with me. Just few questions about you and your creations.

N74: When your interest in cars and Show Rods started and why?
CM: It started when I was 10 or 11. I would draw in my school books while in class. When I was in high school I was a hall monitor and would sit and draw in a note book the whole time.

N74: Can you tell me a little bit about your background? I mean, are you a self-made car designer or did you study design or something like that?
CM: I have no formal designer education. I bought the body shop I worked at through high school when I was 20 years old. So my education started at an early age. Here the kind of schooling I have is called the “school of hard knocks”.

N74: In a few words, if possible, tell me which are your career milestones.
CM: One of my biggest mile stones were winning the Don Ridler memorial award for the Fire Truck in 1968. There are many more but this is the biggest.

N74: As you know I built the replica of your famous Fire Truck; can you tell me where the inspiration to build it come from and when?
CM: The idea was one that I have had for some time. In 1966 I started working with John Bogosian making some drawings. We would go back and forth with ideas and drawings until I made the final decision.

N74: Did it satisfy your expectations? Did it win any awards? Any curiosities about the Fire Truck?
CM: As with all projects there are always little things you wish you would have done differently. But I was very satisfied with the final outcome. The biggest award was the “Ridler” but there were many others. The curiosities are the fire extinguisher is the gas tank, the first aid kit is the battery cover, and my favorite is the top of the gear shifter is a handle from Miller Beer tap.

N74: Which are your favourite creations?
CM: This is like trying to pick your favorite child…

N74: Have you been influenced by other car designer? If yes, which ones?
CM: I paid close attention to many other builders such as George Barris, the Alexander brothers, Bill Hines, Gene Winfield, and Darryl Starbird.

N74: Are you working on something new or are you just enjoyng your time?
CM: Last year I made a clone of my 1969 Red Baron hot rod that Tom Daniel designed. This year I am working on remaking the set of Zingers I built in the 70’s. Now I work on something when and if I like.

N74: Recently I built the “Paddy Wagon” designed by Tom Daniel. The Fire Truck and the Paddy Wagon look having the same source of inspiration. Is this correct? Have you ever known Tom Daniel?
CM: I did not know Tom Daniel when I was working out the design. I have meet Tom one time in California in 1969 after I built the Red Baron.

Many thanks for your time Mr Chuck Miller, it has been an honour chatting with you and I’m sure LEGO fans will appreciate the interview.
Keep up the good work!

More info about Chuck MIller’s works:

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