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They talk about Norton74’s builds:

The Brothers Brick – Serving up a pint of awesomeness with an exclusive interview with model car designer Tom Daniel [Feature]
Eurobricks Frontpage – Crazy Bus
The Brothers Brick – Go back in time to Colorado’s Crystal Mill – Waldhütte
TechPrincess – La casa di Hayao Miazaki e la sua Nibariki
The Brothers Brick – The two-horsepower Pig house
SUMO Project – È italiano uno dei prossimi progetti LEGO IDEAS: intervistiamo l’autore!
CLV LUG – Quattro chiacchiere con … Andrea Lattanzio
TechPrincess – LEGO Ideas A-Frame Cabin – L’intervista ad Andrea Lattanzio, l’ideatore del progetto
Eurobricks Frontpage – Floating Dystopia
BrickVault – LEGO Where’s Waldo? | TOP 10 MOCs
The Brothers Brick – In search of land, promised or not
HelloBricks – Bientôt chez LEGO Ideas : une cabane en bois et le groupe de K-pop BTS (Dynamite) – LEGO Ideas: A-Frame Häuschen und BTS Dynamite werden LEGO Sets!
Bricksphere – LEGO IDEAS: A-Frame Cabin Approved
Brickonaute – Bientôt dans la gamme LEGO Ideas : A-Frame Cabin & BTS « Dynamite »
The Brothers Brick – LEGO Ideas Second 2021 review results: two new products passed – and one didn’t [News]
PromoBricks – BTS‘ Dynamite und A-Frame Cabin werden neue LEGO Ideas Sets
Tips&Bricks – #1598 TECHNIQUE DISCUSSION: Telephone Pole Techniques
Blog del Block – LEGO Ideas Santa’s Cottage alcanza etapa de revisión
The Toy Locker – LEGO Ideas: Santa’s Cottage– 仅用62天!乐高Ideas作品“圣诞老人小屋”获得10000票支持
Toys N Bricks – LEGO IDEAS Santa’s Cottage Project Creation Achieves 10 000 Supporters – Ho, ho, ho! – Santa´s Refugium taucht im LEGO Ideas-Review auf
Bricks in Mind – 10-K Support: Norton74’s “Santa’s Cottages” Enters Ideas Review Stage (After Holidays)
Brick Fanatics – Christmas comes early as LEGO Ideas project reaches 10K supporters
PromoBricks – Nach Weihnachten ist vor Weihnachten: Santa’s Cottage landet im LEGO Ideas Review
THE BRICK FAN – LEGO Ideas Santa’s Cottage Achieves 10,000 Supporters
THE BRICK SHOW – 10-K Support: Norton74’s “Santa’s Cottages” Enters Ideas Review Stage (After Holidays)
Mattonito – LEGO Ideas Santa’s Cottage Raggiunge 10.000 Sostenitori
BRICK.IT magazine – Santa’s Cottage raggiunge i 10.000 like su LEGO® Ideas – Weihnachten naht! LEGO Weihnachtsmannhäuschen knackt die Marke
BOUWSteentjes – LEGO Ideas Santa’s Cottage bereikt 10K supporters
Tips&Bricks – #1579 MOC of the Week: A Tale of Two Cottages by @nortonsevenfour
The Amazing Brick Network – Brand New LEGO Ideas Submission Santas Cottage by NORTON74

Play Well Portugal – Mocs de Natal: Santa’s Cottage por Norton 74 (LEGO Ideas)
GallusBrick – Santas Cottage von Norton74
Sheffield Lug – Santa’s Cottage
Bricks in Bits – La Cabaña de Santa: el proyecto que destacamos de LEGO IDEAS
Il Marchese dei Lego – The Santas Cottage by Norton74 | Pills of Bricks
BrickVault – TOP 10 MOCs of the Week
Eurobricks Frontpage – Santa’s Cottage
The Brothers Brick – Santa’s home away from home.
Brick Nerd – Santa’s Christmas Cottage: A LEGO Holiday Tradition
The Brothers Brick – TBB Cover Photo for December 2021: Santa’s holiday cabin
LEGO IDEAS – 10K CLUB INTERVIEW: Andrea Lattanzio, the creator of A-Frame Cabin
Lega Nerd – LEGO MOC, il trabucco di Theo il pescatore è l’opera marina di Norton74
Play Well Portugal – Theo’s Trabuchet fishing hut, por Norton74
Eurobricks Frontpage – Theo’s Trabuchet Fishing Hut
The Brothers Brick – Studded seas and sea studs
BrickVault – TOP 10 MOCs of the Week
Weixin – Norton74 MOCer Magazine – A-frame Cabin, il progetto di Norton74 in review su Lego Ideas
Lega Nerd – LEGO Sweet Tooth, il rifugio di Gus ricreato da Andrea Lattanzio – LEGO News: Glee, Sweet Tooth, Aufbewahrungsboxen und Schild
The Brothers Brick – LEGO model of the cabin from Sweet Tooth is the perfect place to wait out the apocalypse
BrickVault – TOP 10 MOCs of the Week
ArchBrick Daily – SWEET TOOTH CABIN – LEGO News: Magdas Garten, Jungle Cruise, bunte Sneaker und Superhelden
BrickVault – TOP 10 MOCs of the Week – LEGO News: Ferienhaus, neues LEGO Technic Magazin, Scheune und Elbphilharmonie
Lega Nerd – LEGO Capanno da giardino è il nuovo diorama estivo di Norton74
Brick Nerd – From Sketch to Model: Magda’s Garden Shed
The Brothers Brick – Say Magda, there’s a tree in your shed
Brick Nerd – Instructions to Build a Classic LEGO Sports Car
The LEGO car blog – Build this car
Lega Nerd – LEGO Classic Sports Car, le istruzioni gratuite della muscle car di Norton74
Tips&Bricks – #1351 FAVOURITE BRICK FRIDAY: 93559 Hockey Stick
BOUWsteentjes – LEGO Ideas A-Frame Cabin bereikt 10K supporters – LEGO Ideas: Hütte im Wald könnte als Set realisiert werden!
Brick Fanatics – A-frame Cabin reaches 10K supporters on LEGO Ideas
Tips&Bricks – #1325 TECHNIQUE DISCUSSION: Potted Plants – LEGO News: Landhaus
Lega Nerd – LEGO A-Frame, l’opera di Norton74 è ora su LEGO Ideas – LEGO News: Behind the scenes ‚Blue Cottage‘
matyho kostky – Mistr stavitel: Norton74
Hello BRICKS – The Blue Cottage
Brick Nerd – Building the Blue Cottage
The LEGO car blog – Blazin’ Trails
BrickVault – TOP 10 MOCs of the Week – LEGO News: Die blaue Hütte
The Brothers Brick – A blue cottage to stave off those COVID blues
Lega Nerd – LEGO Blue Cottage: un’altra abitazione LEGO molto particolare di Norton74
Eurobricks Frontpage – The Blue Cottage
Brick Fanatics – Brick Pic of the Day: The Blue Cottage
ArchBrick Daily – The Blue Cottage
Tips&Bricks – #1271 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: A-frame cabin by Andrea Lattanzio (Norton SevenFour)
Brick Nerd – Don’t Mess With This Bear
Eurobricks Frontpage – The Crumbling Bridge
Lega Nerd – Il ponte pericolante LEGO di Norton74
The LEGO car blog – Smarter than the Average Bear

2020 – LEGO News: Santas Hütte, LEGO im BER, digitaler Kassenbon und Build Day
Lega Nerd – LEGO A-Frame natalizia, la versione innevata della casa di Norton74
Eurobricks Frontpage – Santa’s Cabin
The Brothers Brick – TBB Cover Photo for December 2020: Into the Wintery Wild
The Brothers Brick – A-frame brings the autumn, uhm, winter A-game
Chez Yannoch – MOC – Maison sur pilotis
Base Plate Journal – Хатина Санти – LEGO Саморобки – Світові Майстри
ArchBrick Daily – Santa’s Cabin
Eurobricks Frontpage – Stilt House
The Brothers Brick – A stilted domicile
Lega Nerd – Le case sospese LEGO di Norton74, ovvero come vivere a 10 metri d’altezza
Tiles or Studs – Stilt houses, a unique Moc by Andrea Lattanzio – LEGO X-Mas News: Der König von Narnia und ein verschneiter Bus
Lega Nerd – LEGO Magic Bus: la versione ricoperta di neve di Norton74
Tiles or Studs – Snowy Magic Bus by Andrea Lattanzio
The Brothers Brick – TBB Cover Photo for November 2020: A Cozy Cabin Awaits
BrickVault – TOP 10 MOCs of the Week
The Brothers Brick – A-Frame Bringing the Autumn A-Game
Chez Yannoch – MOC – Maison A-Frame
Base Plate Journal – Будинок у лісі з треугольною кришею – LEGO Саморобки – Свiтовi майстри
Eurobricks Frontpage – A-Frame Cabin
ArchBrick Daily – A-Frame Cabin
Play Well Portugal – Jardin d’hiver, por Norton 74
Lega Nerd – LEGO A-Frame: il diorama della strana casa di Norton74
Mattonito – Una Mustang nelle Campagne Desertiche degli USA
Chez Yannoch – Jardin d’hiver
BOUWsteentjes – Jardin d’hiver
BrickVault – TOP 10 MOCs of the Week
Eurobricks Frontpage – Winter Garden
Lega Nerd – Giardino d’inverno
The LEGO car blog – Hey Joe*
TOYPRO – Build a LEGO® Van for your LEGO® City
Tiles or Studs – Joe’s wooden cottage by Andrea Lattanzio
The Brothers Brick – Car broken down in the middle of nowhere? Call Lonely Joe for a tow.
Eurobricks Frontpage – Joe’s Cottage
Lega Nerd – Joe’s Cottage, un altro capolavoro di Andrea legato alla natura
ArchBrick Daily – Joe’s Cottage
The Brothers Brick cover photo for June 2020: The General Store with Everything
Eurobricks Frontpage – General Store
everydayBRICKS – Grab A Soda At The General Store, A Lego MOC
BrickVault – TOP 10 MOCs of the Week – Hinter den Kulissen
Oficina dos Baixinhos – Mercearia americana
Base Plate Journal – General store – LEGO Саморобки – Свiтовi майстри
WorldWideBrick – General Store
Lega Nerd – General Store, il classico negozio americano in versione LEGO di Norton74
ArchBrick Daily – General Store
The Brothers Brick – Build a classic van for your everyday LEGO City needs [Instructions]
The LEGO car blog – Build-a-Van
Lega Nerd – Classic Van, disponibili le istruzioni LEGO dell’opera di Norton74
Eurobricks Frontpage – Gypsy Wagons
Tips&Bricks – #980 TECHNIQUES: Pine tree technique
WorldWideBrick – Gypsy Wagons
The Brothers Brick – Life on the road – LEGO News: Schaustellerwagen, Hogwarts Castle XXL und K.I.T.T.
Play Well Portugal – Gypsy Wagons, por Norton74
Lega Nerd – Gypsy Wagons
The LEGO car blog – Not a Car – LEGO News: Magic Bus sowie Ausstellungen am Bodensee und Hildesheim
BrickVault – LEGO Coffee Stand | Andy’s Cafe – Custom Modular
BrickVault – Coffee Stand Instructions
WorldWideBrick – Into the Wild and the Magic Bus
BrickVault – TOP 10 MOCs of the Week
Hello BRICKS – Into the Wild and the Magic Bus
The Brothers Brick – Go into the wild on the magic bus
Lega Nerd – Il Magic Bus LEGO tratto da Into the Wild di Norton74
The LEGO car blog – Into the Wild
Brick Nerd – The Magic Bus in the Wild
The LEGO car blog – Game of Bricks lighting kits | review

The Brothers Brick – LEGO Builder of the Year 2019 – LEGO Modelle: Klassische Tankstelle und Scooter Werkstatt
Oficina dos Baixinhos – Colagens 2019 – LEGO News: Frohe Weihnachten, Paketverteilzentrum und Skywalker-Saga
– BOUWsteentjes – [Kerstspecial] 82 geweldige LEGO kerst MOC’s – Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays LEGO style! – LEGO Vintage: Scooter Workshop and Gas Station! | Skaerbaek Fan Weekend 2019
Base Plate Journal – Різдвяні історії – LEGO Саморобки – Свiтовi майстри
ArchBrick Daily – Voting – 2019 Archbrick build of the year
Bricks in Bits – ¡Ya es la hora de que Santa salga! – LEGO XMas News: Verschneite Hütte, Weihnachtsdorf, Tannenbaum und Adventskranz
The Brothers Brick – What happened to the reindeer?
Chez Yannoch – C’est l’heure Père Noël
Tiles or Studs – Santas House by Andrea Lattanzio
WorldWideBrick – It’s time for Santa Claus to go!
ArchBrick Daily – It’s time for Santa Claus to go!
Lega Nerd – Alla ricerca del rapporto con la natura nei boschi LEGO di Norton74
The Brothers Brick – Escape the mecha and spaceships of our society and build a cabin in the woods – LEGO News: Tesla LEGO, Aldi Bücher, Beleuchtung und Hütte im Wald
WorldWideBrick – Walden; or, Life in the Woods
Play Well Portugal – Walden; or, Life in the Woods, por Norton74
Play Well Portugal – Instruções gratuitas para uma pick-up, por Norton74
ArchBrick Daily – Walden; or, Life in the Woods
Hello BRICKS – Construisez votre Pick-up ! (avec instructions)
The Brothers Brick – Build your own classic pickup truck [Instructions]
Lega Nerd – Le foto istruzioni dell’ultimo Pick-up truck LEGO di Norton74 – LEGO News: Pick-up Truck Bauanleitung, Frozen Bau-Event und Mondschein – LEGO News: Ford Oldtimer, Eckgarage beleuchtet und Mindstorms Alexa
Play Well Portugal – Paddy Wagon, por Andrea Lattanzio
The Brothers Brick – If this is my ride to jail then sign me up!
The LEGO car blog – Paddy Wagon
Brick Nerd – Paddy Wagon
Lega Nerd – Lo Show Rod LEGO Paddy Wagon di Norton74
Hello BRICKS – viva Mexico – LEGO News: Piratenschiff Jubiläum
– Brick Fanatics – Brick Pic of the Day: Life’s a beach
WorldWideBrick – Mariachi wagon and Mexican house
The Brothers Brick – Jumping on board the Mexican bandwagon
Tiles or Studs – Mariachi wagon and Mexican house by Andrea Lattanzio
Brick Nerd – Viva La Mexico
ArchBrick Daily – Mariachi wagon and Mexican house
Lega Nerd – I Mariachi messicani Lego di Norton74
Bricks in Bits – Brick Hamburguesa. Un descanso en la ruta, al estilo Bricks in Bits
WorldWideBrick – Life’s a beach – LEGO News: LEGO Sommer Wochenende: Zurück in die 80er Jahre
The LEGO car blog – Summertime
Brick Nerd – Endless Summer
Oficina dos Baixinhos – Moon Landing
Eurobricks Frontpage – Andy’s | Hamburger Stand
The LEGO car blog – Vanburger
WorldWideBrick – Stranger Things
ItLUG – Da Andy’s gli hamburger più buoni della città
WorldWideBrick – Andy’s | Hamburger Stand
BrickVault – TOP 10 MOCs of the Week – LEGO News: Burger, Dino-Kuh, Pu der Bär und Snoke
Hello BRICKS – Andy’s Hamburger Stand
MOC Builder – Andy’s | Hamburger Stand
Play Well Portugal – Andy’s Hamburger Stand, por Andrea Lattanzio
Brick Nerd – Andy’s Hamburgers
Lega Nerd – Tornano gli anni 50 nell’ultima opera LEGO di Norton74, l’Andy’s Hamburger Stand
ArchBrick Daily – Andy’s Hamburger Stand
KOCKAFESZT – LEGO Esso benzinkút
Lega Nerd – Agile come un gatto
The LEGO car blog – Moon Cat
BrickVault – TOP 10 MOCs of the Week
Play Well Portugal – Mustang fever: the pony at the shop, por Norton74
The Brothers Brick – This Mustang is in the shop for repairs – LEGO News: Ford Mustang in der Werkstatt, Lichtschwert, Braunschweig, Wand und Urlaub
Hello BRICKS – Stranger Things – Sheriff Hopper, Hawkins Police
The LEGO car blog – Herd of Horses – Der LEGO Mustang Hardtop wird nur noch schnell betankt
BrickVault – TOP 10 MOCs of the Week
The Brothers Brick – A rustic barn with a classic Ford Mustang
Brick Nerd – Barn Find
The LEGO car blog – Stranger Blazer – LEGO News: Stranger Things, Klassiker und Technic-Frage
Tiles or Studs – Sheriff Hopper’s cabin from Stranger Things by Andrea Lattanzio
The Brothers Brick – This LEGO version of Sheriff Hopper’s cabin from Stranger Things looks perfect
Brick Nerd – The perfect hiding place
Lega Nerd – La baracca dello sceriffo Hopper
ArchBrick Daily – Sheriff Hopper’s Cabin
Hello BRICKS – Coffee Stand, Andy’s Cafe
Caffè blabla – Andy’s Cafè: il chiosco più bello del mondo è di Lego
WorldWideBrick – Coffee Stand | Andy’s Cafe
The Brothers Brick – Wake up and smell the coffee
BOUWsteentjes – LEGO Coffee Stand | Andy’s Cafe
Giocovisione – Caffetteria Americana
Lega Nerd – Il Coffee Stand di Norton74
Oficina dos Baixinhos – Café
ArchBrick Daily – Andy’s Cafe
Brick Nerd – Coffee?
Giocovisione – LEGO BigFoot Monster Truck: una MOC mostruosa!
Giocovisione – LEGO Bugatti Type 35 [istruzioni]

The Brothers Brick – The 10 most popular custom LEGO creation instructions on The Brothers Brick for 2018 [Instructions]
The Brothers Brick – Shortlist for Brothers Brick LEGO Creation of the Year 2018
Giocovisione – MOC natalizie!
BrickVault – TOP 10 MOCs of the Week
Avenue of Bricks – The search of the perfect tree
BrickVault – Norton74 custom Minifig (10:29)
Base Plate Journal – До свята готов! – LEGO Саморобки – Свiтовi майстри
The Brothers Brick – North Pole has greatsnowplows
Brick Nerd – The Perfect Tree
The LEGO car blog – Stranger Vans
ToyForce – Norton74氏のレゴ作品
The Brothers Brick – The great escape of Eleven and the gang
Lega Nerd – Norton74 e il suo diorama LEGO di Stranger Things
Avenue of Bricks – Stranger Bricks
Brick Nerd – Don’t Mess With Eleven
Bricks in Bits – Estación de servicio SHELL, al estilo Bricks in Bits
WorldWideBrick – Esso Gas Station
The LEGO car blog – Dreams do come true on display in the LEGO House – LEGO Route 66 und eine Tankstelle der 1950er Jahre: Eine Zeitreise
zusammengebaut – LEGO Route 66 and vintage petrol station
WorldWideBrick – Blue Bull Space Tank at the maintenance hangar
The Brothers Brick – I ain’t afraid of no colds!
Lega Nerd – Andrea Lattanzio espone le sue opere alla LEGO House
BrickVault – TOP 10 MOCs of the Week
Lega Nerd – Torna il tema Ice Planet 2002 grazie a Norton74
WorldWideBrick – Ice Planet 2002 | Research Mobile laboratory
The LEGO car blog – Iceploration
Brick Nerd – Chilly Exploration
The Brothers Brick – These classic hot rods are totally tubular
The LEGO car blog – Totally Tubular
Brick Nerd – Sunny with a chance of sharks
Petrolicious – Italian Nostalgia Is A Six-Legged Dog And A Miniature Gas Station
ToyForce – Norton74氏のレゴ作品
– BrickVault – TOP 10 MOCs of the Week
– The Brothers Brick – Fill your tank up at this 1960s italian gas station
– The LEGO car blog – Little Lion Man
– WorldWideBrick – AGIP gas station
Avenue of Bricks – AGIP: Uno Stile Italiano
– Lega Nerd – La stazione di rifornimento Agip
The LEGO car blog – Benzina Supercortemaggiore
– Bricks on the floor – AGIP gas station
– ArchBrick – AGIP Gas Station
– The LEGO car blog – Benzina Supercortemaggiore
– The Brothers Brick – Twenty first century Blacktron engineering
– WorldWideBrick – Art déco gas station
– Hello BRICKS – Blacktron B-59: back in black
– BrickVault – TOP 10 MOCs of the Week
– WorldWideBrick – B-59 Blacktron | APC
– ItLUG – Blacktron: i cattivi ragazzi dello spazio
– Lega Nerd – Il carro Blacktron
– The LEGO car blog – Back in black
– Brick Nerd – B-59 Blacktron APC
– Brick Nerd – Fill ‘Er Up!
– Ruoteclassiche – Si fa presto a dire Lego…
– Brick Haufen – LEGO® MOC: Art Déco Gas Station mit Diner
– Hobby Media – LEGO: Gli Hot Rod di Andrea Lattanzio!
– Petrolicious – Bugatti barn find and art déco daydreams
Moskito Design – Advertising campaign with LEGO
– Moskito Design – Building an advertising campaign for Linde Material Handling, brick by LEGO brick
– Tips&Bricks – Monday’s MOC of the Week: Hot Dog Stand
– Hello BRICKS – Street food made in USA
– – LEGO Hotdog-Stand – für den kleinen Hunger zwischendurch
– Hobby Media – LEGO e modellismo: Andrea Lattanzio [parte 1]
– The Brothers Brick – Outstanding sweltering frankfurters with this classic LEGO diner
– BrickVault – TOP 10 MOCs of the Week
– WorldWideBrick – Hot Dog Stand
– Build Any Brick – Hot Dog Stand
– Brick Haufen – LEGO® MOC: Neue Woche, neue Mocs!
– ArchBrick – Hot Dog Stand
– WorldWideBrick – MOONEYES headquarters: Hot Rodder and innovator of speed parts
– BOUWsteentjes – Antique Gas Station en Barn Find
– – Brick-Links der Woche: Am Präsidententag wird nicht gebohrt
– The Brothers Brick – Build your own vintage Bugatti from LEGO [Instructions]
– Lega Nerd – Costruite anche voi la Bugatti Type 35 di Norton74
– Brick Fanatics – Brick Pic of the Day
– Hello BRICKS – Station service antique et Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix
– BrickVault – TOP 10 MOCs of the Week
– bimag – Il magazzino è un mondo un po’ grigio
– Minimalbrick – Barn find | Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix
– Brick Nerd – Fill ‘Er Up
– The LEGO car blog – It’s a gas!
– ArchBrick – Antique Gas Station

– BrickVault – TOP 10 MOCs of the Week
– Brick Fanatics – Brick Pic of the Day
– The LEGO car blog – Hot Sled
– The Brothers Brick – The wonderful world of warehouses
– Brick Fanatics – Brick Pic of the Day
– – Brick Links der Woche: Mit Macht unter den Weihnachtsbaum
– Hello BRICKS – J-8 avant Noël, le Père Noel fait chauffer le moteur
– Brick Nerd – Here Comes Santa Claus
– ArchBrick – Warehouse Life
– The LEGO car blog – Pallet Pushers
– Brick Nerd – Pick Up, Move, Place, Repeat.
– Il mattoncino danese – Barn find
– The Brothers Brick – Bugatti in a haystack
– ArchBrick – Barn Find
– Bricktastic Blog – The Bugatti Barn
– Chez Yannoch – Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix
– Hello BRICKS – Un trésor dans une grange : Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix
– The LEGO car blog – Barn Find Bugatti
– Brick Nerd – Barn Find
– Bricks on the floor – Barn Find
– Bricks on the floor – Just a quick stop or… maybe not
– ItLUG – Quando le stazioni di servizio erano opere d’arte
– BrickVault – TOP 10 MOCs of the Week
– Cazabricks – Lego Moc Gasolinera antigua
– The Brothers Brick – Vintage gas station and diner
– ArchBrick – Shell Gas Station
– The LEGO car blog – Art Déco Gas Station – Picture Special
– Brick Nerd – Fill ‘Er Up
– Petrolicious – One LEGO Engineer And Two Custom VW Buses
– The LEGO car blog – Pit Stop
– Brick Nerd – Surf’s Up
– WhichCar – LEGO built my Hot Rod!
– Street Machine – LEGO built my Hot Rod!
– Petrolicious – Vintage Ford Hot-Rodding In LEGO Style
– The Brothers Brick – ’32 Ford Deuce served in true vintage style
– Bricks on the floor – The Takehito Yamato Coupé
– The LEGO car blog – Jap Rod
– Brick Nerd – S.H.A.D.O. maintenance bay
– The LEGO car blog – Seventies escape
– Oficina dos Baixinhos – UFO
– The Brothers Brick – Defending the Earth against an invasion of 1970’s UFOs
– Brick Nerd – S.H.A.D.O. Interceptor
– The Brothers Brick – Labour of love pit stop for hot rods recreated from real life
– Build your toy – 美國加州的Hot Rod汽車修理店
– TheGasPol – Mengenal markas besar Mooneyes lewat sebuah karya Lego
– Otomotifnet – Pasti Mupeng Kalau Lihat LEGO Mooneyes Custom Ini
– ItLUG – For your MOONEYES only…
– ArchBrick – Motor Buildings
– Petrolicious – This LEGO Mooneyes garage has all the right pieces
– BrickVault – TOP 10 MOCs of the Week
– The LEGO car blog – Mooneyes
– – Mooneyes Hauptquartier der 60er Jahre
– BOUWsteentjes – Mooneyes headquarters door Norton74
– Tiles or Studs – Norton’s passion for motors
– Brick Nerd – Mooneyes
– Hello BRICKS – LEGO Batman Forever Batmobile
– The LEGO car blog – Bat Rod
– BrickVault – TOP 10 MOCs of the Week
– The Brothers Brick – Saving the world in this totally awesome and totally blue APC
– The LEGO car blog – And the winner is…
– The LEGO car blog – S.H.A.D.O.
– Brick Nerd – S.H.A.D.O. Mobile Evo
– bimag – Lattanzio: il problem solving in azienda? È un gioco, grazie al Lego
– Brick Nerd – Batman/Batcave

– Tiles or Studs – 2016 MOC compilations lists!
– The LEGO car blog – 5591 Mach II Red Bird review
– Hello BRICKS – Le Père Noël roule en Volkswagen
– BrickHamster – Almost Christmas Time…
– The LEGO car blog – Dub Sleigh
– BOUWsteentjes – [Kerstspecial] 82 geweldige LEGO kerst MOC’s
– The Brothers Brick – Vintage Hot Rod en route
– Hello BRICKS – La vie en entrepôt
– The LEGO car blog – Boxing Clever
– The Brothers Brick – This LEGO warehouse is very palatable
– Tiles or Studs – Special Interview with Andrea Lattanzio a.k.a. Norton74
– Brick Nerd – Scooter Shop
– The LEGO car blog – Scooter Shop
– The Brothers Brick – Defenders of the monorail
– The LEGO car blog – Spacists
– The LEGO car blog – Master MOCer Series 2 Episode 1: Norton74
– Petrolicious – A modernist gas station made from Lego is fit for any shelf
– The Brothers Brick – A stylish gas station: the classic Esso
– ItLUG – Stazione di servizio ESSO
– Eurobricks Frontpage – ESSO Gas Station 1953
– The LEGO car blog – ESSO Service ’53 – picture special
– Brick Nerd – ESSO gas station
– The Brothers Brick – The ESSO sign means happy motoring
– Tiles or Studs – Volkswagen T1 Esso Service Replica
– The LEGO car blog – Put a tiger in your tank!
– Brick Nerd – Steamy T
– The LEGO car blog – Steam Bucket
– BrickVault – TOP 10 MOCs of the Week
– The Brothers Brick – Spacetank! Spacetank! SPACETANK!
– Hello BRICKS – Tank LEGO Classic Space
– Tiles or Studs – Spacetank Spacetank Spacetank!
– The LEGO car blog – Blue Bull
– Brick Nerd – Blue Bull
– Brick Nerd – Where the Rubber Meets the (Brick) Road
– The Brothers Brick – This Hot Rod will set the tarmac ablaze
– The LEGO car blog – Engine No. 13
– Brick Nerd – Fire Engine
– Tiles or Studs – Fire Truck
– The LEGO car blog – Beer Goggles
– Brick Nerd – Beer Wagon

– Librick – The Classic Motor MOCs by Andrea Lattanzio (Norton74)
– Air Monkeys – Andrea Lattanzio does LEGO!
– Skutrmania (CZ) – Legová Vespa Sprint Garage
– Skutrportal (CZ) – Kdo si hraje nezlobí aneb Vespa z Lega je tu!
– Bricktastic Blog – Fixing up a ’32 Ford Roadster
– The LEGO car blog – Tow Rod
– Brick Nerd – Tow Rod
– Bricktastic Blog – Get your LEGO Vespa fixed in this Dream Garage
– ItLUG – “The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling” review
– The Brothers Brick – Cruising with Green T – 1923 Ford Model T
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